Discover a World of Trade with Billsby: Compliance, Taxes and More

We often say ‘if you dream it, we can bill it’ – and we mean it. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Billsby, which means world domination isn’t out of the question! But many of our clients are – understandably – a little nervous about global trade. With so many rules, you don’t want to put a foot wrong. Billsby is the answer.

If you’re a Billsby user, we’ve got tons of helpful features to ensure you remain compliant: removing any concerns about making a misstep, and freeing you up to spend more time doing what you love – growing your business.

Here are some of the tax and compliance mechanisms you’ll get as standard with a Billsby plan:

##PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

For business owners with international aspirations, it often feels like someone, somewhere, is just waiting to introduce a new regulation that will complicate trade. There always seems to be a new deadline looming. Take the end of 2020, for example: on December 31st, the PSD2 regulation comes into effect. The PSD2 directive, which governs non-cash (e.g. electronic) payments, makes the Strong Customer Authentication process mandatory. This is no bad thing, as the SCA mechanism helps to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure; but it’s another box to check – and fast. All merchants who conduct business in the EU need to be compliant with SCA by the end of year, and it’s expected that similar rules will soon apply to trade in Australia and New Zealand.

Fortunately, we’re one step ahead. The Billsby team are already working on implementing SCA; this will mean that, if a company is using the Billsby Checkout, SCA compliance will be automatically enabled on their website as it becomes necessary (with no further development work required).

PCI DSS Compliance

We don’t store customer payment details in the Billsby database. Instead, we use Spreedly for maximum security. Spreedly is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider (which is the highest level of PCI DSS certification).

Spreedly integrates with Billsby via an API. Through Spreedly, credit card details can be stored securely and then passed to different endpoints based on your business requirements. The process is extremely well protected: Spreedly simultaneously provides a card tokenisation/vault service and a gateway/receiver integration service.

So how does it work in practice? Well, as part of the Billsby checkout process, we display a Spreedly form. The customer’s credit card data is captured through this form before being stored securely in Spreedly’s vault. Spreedly returns a token to Billsby, which is referenced for transactions; meanwhile, Spreedly maps the token to actual credit card data, and passes the data to a specified payment gateway.

What this means is that neither Billsby nor any of our users are ever in possession of a customer’s payment information. This keeps Billsby users’ PCI-DSS compliance burden as low as possible, without any complex development ever being required: it’s all quick and simple to implement.

Data Protection

Data protection – including 2018’s General Data Protection Regulation – has been built into our platform since inception.

With Billsby, you’ll have access to:

  • A model DPA that's signature ready (removing the need for our companies to individually negotiate a DPA with us).

  • A clear list of all our processors(this can be found in the privacy section of our website), to help you stay on the right side of the law.

  • The ability to purge customer records in one click from your control panel – thus satisfying the right to be forgotten – and access to features like Zapier and our API, which will help you keep your records up to date.



The Billsby checkout supports all currencies and taxes, and we have various mechanisms in place to help our users trade across the globe without having to worry too much about compliance.

Broadly speaking, there are three main options, depending where you’re trading:

  • TaxJar integration (for the US and Canada). Thanks to our integration with TaxJar, users can automatically calculate sales taxes across all fifty states in the USA; or across all provinces and territories in Canada. TaxJar can even file your taxes for you; make sure each region is paid according to schedule; and figure out all of the nexus rules. All this for just $19 per month!

  • Automatic tax calculations (for the US and Canada). If your tax needs are pretty simple, our Automatic Tax Calculations service can work out your taxes for you (for just 2 cents per calculation). Your results will be displayed in the global taxes dashboard. No muss, no fuss.

  • The ability to define tax rates per country (EU; Australia; New Zealand; India; the Rest of the World). For each country in which you conduct business, Billsby allows you to manually define the tax rates you’d like to charge - and we’ll keep track of what you owe. Depending on where you’re trading, some additional information may be required (i.e. for the EU – if applicable - we’ll need your VAT MOSS registration number). With all manually configured tax rates, any policy changes will not be automatically updated in Billsby.

Best of all, our product team are your compliance ‘eyes and ears’, continually monitoring regulatory frameworks as they evolve whilst seeking new ways to simplify global tax processing for you.

All these compliance bonuses – and more - are included in our base plan. No upgrades needed; no sneaky hidden charges. Just the guarantee that at Billsby we’ll aways have your back – and we’ll always work our hardest to help you comply. Schedule a demo today to find out more about the brilliant benefits available with Billsby!