Be as generous as Oprah with flexible discounts and coupons.

Advanced billing options from Billsby let you collect more recurring revenue, introduce business rules and logic and offer more flexible plans to your customers - all with no or limited software development.

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First, create a library of discounts that work across your plans.

Percentage and flat discounts

Discount your services by a percentage - like 25% off - or an amount - like $20 off. We'll make sure your discount never drops below zero.

Decide what your discount applies to

Stay compliant and do the right thing with automatic reminder emails. Got a different strategy? Turn them off if you'd like.

Choose what components your discount impacts

Have discounts impact the total invoice value - including add-ons and allowances or, if you prefer, just the base plan.


Unlock and apply discounts with the Billsby API.

Once you've created your discounts you can unlock them using advanced business logic with our API and apply them to accounts. This allows for creative billing logic - like loyalty discounts, affinity schemes and more - just create your own criteria logic and then load up the discount seamlessly in Billsby - applying and removing discounts whenever you need to. It's completely customizable discount logic without the headaches.

Big Savings

Next, promote your discounts with coupon codes.

Create and download batches of single-use coupon codes

Need unique codes for flyers or newsletters? No problem. Just tell us how many to generate and we'll instantly create a batch for you.

Set multi-use coupons for social media and shared promotions

Or create a discount code to rule them all with multi-use codes - with use limits set to ensure promotional costs are controlled.

Determine promotion rules

Set expiry dates for your coupons, and manually end promotions early if you need to - you're always in control of your coupon codes.