Get your subscription business started with solid foundations.

Not just plans - Products, Plans and Cycles help to keep your business organised and running well with advanced pricing modals so that you can charge customers exactly what you need to. It's incredibly quick and insanely powerful

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Once you've seen Products, Plans and Cycles you'll wonder why no other billing platform does it

Building the strongest possible foundation for your business means being prepared for growth and expansion - which means keeping all of your available subscription options organised. With Billsby's unique plan hierarchy, stay in control.

With legacy billing solutions, everything is a plan.

Each of your plans is completely discrete

So if you have two products each with three tiers of service (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and each of the tiers has a monthly, quarterly and annual variant you've already got 18 different plans. And because they're completely discrete, there's no business logic about moving between them or reporting on them.

New plans mean development changes

Because there's no relational data to explain how each plan relates to the other, when you want to add new plans or cycles, your developers will need to complete updates and add details to your abstraction layer so that everything still works as you'd expect. That means delays and inflexibility for your business.

With Billsby - Products, Plans and Cycles keep things in order.

Product > Plan > Cycle

This simple hierarchy makes your business much easier to manage. Create new billing cycle lengths without having to setup brand new plans, turn on and off prices with ease and know that customers can swap cycles and the correct pricing and pro-rating will always be applied.

Structured and clear API

Because we pass the hierarchy through into the API, your developers will be able to produce pricing pages and marketing sites that dynamically update as your prices and plan options do - with no need to add an abstraction layer to figure out what all those disparate plan IDs actually mean.

No limit to your ambition with unlimited plans.

With Billsby you can create unlimited products, plans and cycles and then manage them with unlimited team members before applying unlimited and discounts and coupons and selling them in unlimited countries using unlimited currencies with unlimited tax profiles.

All with no monthly fees.

All the pricing models you need

Having the flexibility to price the way you want to is really important for your business. That's why we support all the pricing models your business might need - and you can use these for your base plan, add-ons and allowancesin any combination.

Flat Fee

Flat Fee

Per Unit

Per Unit







The simplest of the pricing models

Charge the same flat fee to everyone who takes your subscription - with your choice of cycles. Create monthly and annual cycles to offer discounts to your customers and enforce minimum terms with our advanced billing options.

We'll handle the term switches

Customers can switch between cycles at any time - like from the monthly to the annual version of your plan, and we'll automatically handle switching them at the end of their pre-paid term.

Fixed or flexible billing dates

It's up to you when you charge customers - flexible billing dates let you charge on the anniversary of sign-up so revenue flows through the month, or fixed dates give you one big payments day - we can calculate the pro-rating.

My Subscription

$10 per month

$100 per year

Hidden plans give you even more billing flexibility.

Create hidden plans that you can offer to certain customers or hold back for your customer service team. They can be triggered through the API, our JavaScript checkout or in the control panel.

Use them to create exclusive plans for certain groups, run promotions and offers, handle edge cases or grandfather existing customers into legacy pricing plans whilst making price changes for new customers.