Increase your MRR with flexible add-ons and allowances.

Adding more options for your customers is a sure-fire way to increase MRR - and usage based billing helps you to charge customers for what they use, too. All of these advanced options are included for every Billsby customer.

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Bundle add-ons to create the perfect plan for each customer.

Add-ons for additional features

Let customers take add-ons to enjoy additional services - like access to the spa at a gym, or a white label version of your SaaS product.

Force add-ons with selected plans

Create bundled plans with add-ons included - our system will automatically calculate the bundled price and ensure compliance in the checkout flow.

Use all of our pricing models with add-ons

Flat-fee, per unit, volume, ranged and tiered pricing is all available with add-ons, to give you the flexibility you need to build your perfect plan.

Checkout Payment

Charge customers for their usage with allowances.

Create as many allowances as you want

Bill per minute, per seat or per yoga session, tracking usage as the billing cycle progresses and charging for it at the end.

Force allowances with whichever plans you'd like

Include overage-only allowances, so that you can charge customers on an arrears basis for the services they use - using any of our pricing models.

Cap overage on allowances

Tell us to apply an overage cap, and we'll make sure customers aren't billed for any excess usage, whilst helping you to keep track of what they've consumed.

Keep count in real time and manage access with our API and Feature Tags

Send real-time usage updates to our API

Unlike other billing systems, there's no need to wait until the end of the month and keep count of usage yourself, just tell us what your customers have used.

Get allowance updates programmatically

You can check customers counters at any time to make sure they've got enough allowance left to do something, or to provide usage tracking on your website.

Update access control and permissions with Feature Tags

You can associate Feature Tags with add-ons and allowances to determine what permissions customers should have within your apps and integrations.

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