Billsby + Billsby + PaymentCloud = The simple subscription billing solution for high risk merchants

The subscription economy is incredibly exciting. But for merchants offering subscription services that are traditionally considered ‘high risk’ like credit repair, adult products, guns and firearms, nutraceuticals, tech support, dating sites, cigars and tobacco and CBD, it can feel impossible to get started. Not anymore.

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Where some see only risk, we see opportunity.

Feature rich subscription billing

Whatever you need to grow your subscription business, you can do it with Billsby. We support everything from dunning when payments fail, to advanced price plans with products, plans and cycles, through to promotional tools to grow your business like discounts and coupons.

Openness and transparency

We’ll be clear from the start about what you’ll pay for subscription billing, your payment gateway and your merchant account. No surprises. No ‘gotchas’. Just simple, clear billing that’s on the side of your high risk business with all of the support you need to grow.

Our commitment to your high risk business

It’s amazing how many different kinds of businesses are classified as ‘high risk’, and you really shouldn’t let the term scare you. We’re able to offer subscription billing services regardless of what you do, so if you need high risk subscription billing for any industry, even things like:

Accounting and tax prep, adult services, bail bonds, cigarettes and tobacco, credit repair, debt consolidation, digital downloads, document prep, drop shipping, guns and firearms, hunting and outdoor equipment, nutraceuticals and supplements, property management, SEO and SEM services, tech support, smoking accessories, vaping and e-cigarettes or really any classification of business that other subscription billing services might turn away, we’re here to help. We also won’t charge you a cent more than our regular prices - so Billsby is still just 0.4% of your transaction volume with a $5,000 free trial.

But we wanted to go further to support businesses who need a high risk merchant account for their subscription billing - whether new or established, so we setup a partnership with Payment Cloud. Payment Cloud are specialists in placing these kinds of accounts, and they’ll work with you to get you the absolute lowest rate that your business deserves.

And once you’re all set, the tools in Billsby that help you manage dunning, send clear payment reminders to customers and control your account will all help you to minimise the risk of chargeback disputes and fraud, which in turn will mean your rate could get even lower at a free rate review.

We’ve chosen Payment Cloud for this because they’ve got stellar service, their underwriting team will work as quickly as possible to get you setup, and they can get started with putting your account together straight away. You can request a PaymentCloud account in one-click from within your Billsby control panel.


Head of Product and Business Development

3.95% + $0.25

Typical merchant account rate


$19 + $0.10

Typical payment gateway rate



Billsby’s industry leading fee

Plus $49 monthly fee for merchant account. Typical rate for eligible high-risk merchants. Underwriting required. Well-established businesses with low chargeback rates may qualify for preferred pricing. $19 per month plus $0.10 per transaction applies to typical pricing for account acquired through PaymentCloud. Full terms and application form in your Billsby account.

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We’ve covered all three pieces of the puzzle for your business

To get your high risk subscription billing business going - you need three components - subscription billing software, a payment gateway and a merchant account. We’ve covered all three.

Your payment gateway (provided by Payment Cloud)

Your Payment Cloud merchant account with stellar support

And your best-in-class billing software, Billsby

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We're here to help you get started, get setup and see quick ROI.

Our account management team can help you to get setup with Billsby, answer your implementation questions and point you in the right direction to get started. If you're doing development in house, our developer community, email support, chat support and phone call-backs are included with every plan.

If you need development assistance, we can help with Pro Development Services too - our all-inclusive end-to-end developed for you solution that can integrate Billsby into your existing business and processes at a surprisingly affordable price. Let us know how we can help you to succeed.