Seven ideas for new subscription box businesses

From media streaming to mobile apps, the subscription economy is always growing, but let’s not forget where it came from. Subscription box businesses are all about sourcing products for your customer, packing them into decorative boxes, sending them to customers, and learning more about their preferences to do it all over again.

Like the subscription model in general, subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular for an audience that’s less likely to go out shopping for themselves frequently. Subscription box business is a very popular gift choice and they incite an anticipation and excitement that makes their customers easy to retain, providing you send the right products.

The market is growing fast, with new companies launching subscriptions at a steady rate. If you want to take advantage, you need to do it now, and here are just a few ideas that might make for the perfect subscription box business.

1. An online wine club

There may already be a few of these online, but they each target their own individual markets, geographically, and each stand at their own price range. As such, there’s still plenty of room for any sommeliers out there to start their own online wine club, complete with subscription. If you consider yourself an expert of the grape, then your customers could greatly enjoy a glass of what you have to send them.

It’s also an idea that’s perfect for scaling. You can send a bottle a month to those paying the lower rate, and a box a month of multiple bottles to those who pay more. It’s not just a good model for wine, either, it works with ales, whiskeys, and any other drinks that attract a more discerning crowd.

2. Accessories by mail

The fashion market is one that is ever-shifting. There is no shortage of new products coming out. However, one that might be especially profitable is a jewelry and accessory club targeting young women. Millennials and generation Z customers are much more likely to join online subscription businesses, after all.

Accessories are the perfect example of products that you can send alongside some “supplementary goodies,” as well, whether that be candy, stationary, stickers, or something else. A lot of subscription box businesses will send additional treats alongside their “main” product.

3. A culinary treasure trove

We’ve seen subscription boxes that will send all the ingredients that you need to prepare an individual meal. But how about a box of cooking supplies that can help you improve your skills as a chef? With this box, you can send spices, herbs, cooking tools, individual ingredients, and much more.

Each box can be sent with step-by-step recipes, as well, or it can come with a website that has a list of recipes that make use of the items that come with each delivery. Rather than teaching them to cook an individual meal, it could be more like a cookery class by mail.

4. A game night box

Amongst older millennials and younger portions of the Generation X market, there is a serious nostalgia for tabletop games, be they board games, card games, roleplaying games, or otherwise. Dungeons & Dragons, the quintessential table-top, has enjoyed a big resurgence and there are constantly new games being sold on Kickstarter.

This could make the perfect opportunity for a subscription box business built around the concept of “game night.” Each month, you could send a new board game, a new card game, or a new social deduction game that a group can all get around and play. The marketing material based around coming together practically writes itself, too.

5. A book to suit your tastes

There are already some book subscription box businesses out there, but the problem with many of them is that they target specific niches of readers whether it’s horror lovers or those looking to complete a canon of classics. How about a book subscription box that fits all niches, based on what the reader wants to read at that time?

Readers could look at different categories/genres on offer through the site, or delivered in little cards that come with their box, and tick which kinds of books they’re interested in receiving. As such, if they get sick of receiving horror books, they could go to the site or return the card with a new category ticked. Or if they’re enjoying the service as is, they can ignore the card and just let the books keep coming.

6. A new fandom box

There are already fandom boxes out there, of course. There are boxes for fans of wrestling, D&D, comic books, and more. However, the beauty of this idea is that there are constantly new franchises and media rising to gain a new audience, so there’s always a new fandom box to create.

If you find yourself magnetically drawn to a new property and find that there’s a growing audience for it, then starting a new fandom box could be your way to both share your love with other fans and to make a pretty penny.

7. The entrepreneurs box

The internet has made it easier than ever to start a business. Not only does it open up avenues for businesses that work entirely online, but it also makes a lot of the secrets of good business accessible to all. Growing entrepreneurs are always looking for good ideas, tips, and lessons.

A book club designed specifically for entrepreneurs could be just the thing for a growing audience of startup owners. From the motivational to the practical guides to the historical tales of successes and failures, you could create a literature crash course for aspiring business owners.

What’s the right subscription box business for you?

The above ideas are just examples, with the aim of jumpstarting your thinking to plan to start a subscription box business. After all, what matters most in your business idea is that you’re selling something that you’re passionate about.

Subscription billing software and subscriber management tools are making it easier than ever to create a business built on recurring payments. You just need to find the right idea for you and the market you want to target.

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