Make supporting your clients quicker and easier than ever before.

With all the information you need at your finger tips, you'll find it quicker and easier than ever before to service your customers and help them to manage their account with our customer service integrations.

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All the information you need to service your customers.

Secure account linking

Our accounting integrations will securely link to your preferred solution, transferring data safely and quickly.

Easy to map accounts

We'll make it really easy to map your Billsby invoices, credit notes, refunds and bad debts with the accounts you'd like to use in your accounting package.

No extra charges

We know accounting integrations are a core feature, so we wouldn't dream of requiring you to upgrade to a premium plan to use them.

Deeper insights with Billsby Value Score integrations.

Rank by value score

We'll pass across value score data, or change the priority of tickets from customers with a high value score, to help you manage your queue.

Pass back value score adjustments

Customer service costs you money, so you might want to adjust customers value scores to better reflect the impact of their interactions on your bottom line.

Native support for a wide variety of payment gateways

Billsby supports a broad and growing range of payment gateways, so you can choose the processor that's the best fit for your business. Support for other payment methods (like Direct Debit and ACH) is coming soon.