In the course of providing our service, Billsby may process personal data on your behalf. In order to outline specifics of how we will perform this processing and what our obligations are as well as the obligations of our users/customers we’ve developed a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that we enter into free of charge with anyone that uses our service and requests it.

This document forms part of a contract of service with Billsby (as the data processor) and our users/customers (as the controllers). The DPA reflects the parties’ agreement with regard to the processing of personal data performed using our service.

As a controller, in order to sign this agreement, you must review and digitally sign a copy of the Data Processing Agreement. Once you sign the agreement, you will immediately receive a fully executed downloadable copy via email.

Upon Billsby’s receipt of the validly completed and digitally signed agreement, this agreement shall be in full force and effect.