Power Your Subscription Website with the Billsby WordPress Plugin

Got a WordPress website? Thinking of taking your subscription business to the next level? Then Billsby has you covered. Our powerful WordPress plugin gives you access to all of our amazing features (from advanced retention and revenue management tools to customisable invoices and emails), providing everything you need to run a subscription business on your website. In brief: it’s the ultimate WordPress subscription solution!

Why Billsby?

We’re proud to have beaten the competition when it comes to pricing, features and service (check out our independently-collected review data here). And our plugin is no exception. If you choose Billsby for your WordPress website, you’ll also benefit from our exceptional range of features, such as the ability to:

Customise your collateral. Add branding to invoices, emails, checkout and account management; incorporate custom email addresses… the list is almost endless!

Create products, plans and cycles. Stay in control with free trials, contract terms, feature tags, and more.

Grow your business with sophisticated subscription management tools. Unlimited payment gateways; the Billsby Checkout; dunning and retention tools… you name it, we’ve got it! We’ll even take care of global compliance so that you can trade anywhere, free of concern.

Understand your business better. With a host of advanced reporting tools at your fingertips – like the Billsby Dashboard, which collates all the essential facts and figures; and 360-value-scoring reports, which provide invaluable insights into your customers’ behaviours - it couldn’t be easier to keep an eye on what is going on and stay one step ahead.

…and much more.

All you need to get started is a Billsby account!

How does the Billsby WordPress plugin work?

We know how much hard work it takes to run a business. Our job is to alleviate some of that pressure – and, as such, the WordPress plugin has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind.

Get started in a few simple steps.

There’s no need to worry about complex integrations or fiddly code: we’ve taken all the guesswork out for you with some ready-to-go, simple shortcodes. You can use our shortcodes to embed checkout and account management functionality into your WordPress website with minimal fuss – it’s quick and easy!

Bring your branding to life…

Customising elements to fit your brand it easy, too. You can choose whichever colours you’d like for your buttons, and we’ll automatically inherit the font from your theme - so everything will match up!

…and customize plans according to your preference.

Use Billsby’s feature tags to customize plans as required; then, utilising the feature tags associated with each customer’s plan, limit access to content within your website accordingly (you can remove access to sections of content or whole pages using uncomplicated shortcodes). Want to add or change tags? No problem: you can do this at any time.

Key data will be synchronised for you.

Registering customers will be a breeze, thanks to our nifty integration. If someone wants to subscribe, we’ll enforce the creation of a WordPress account by forwarding the customer to your registration page.

In addition, you can use whichever registration form you’d like (it’ll work perfectly), and we’ll automatically sync key data (such as name and email address) two ways between your WordPress and Billsby website. Simple and seamless!

Futureproof your business.

Our plugin means that your subscription database lives outside of WordPress, which has many benefits – not least because it allows you to futureproof your setup for expansion. Powering your subscription business via Billsby means that you won’t be putting extra strain on your server, for example, or increasing the complexity of your site; plus there will never be any need to worry about compliance issues.

And if you wish to move away from WordPress at some point in the future, you’re already covered – it’ll be easy to do so without impacting your billing and payments.

How much does the Billsby WordPress plugin cost?

Here’s the great news: the Billsby WordPress plugin is free for all Billsby customers, and always will be! It’s also fully GPL licensed (no sneaky hidden charges there).

Even better news: Billsby is the most competitive billing subscription platform on the market. You make your first $5,000 of revenue on us – no charges at all! – and after that we charge a transaction fee of just 0.4%. That’s it. No unexpected extras; no essential features locked behind paywalls.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today and get stuck into seamless subscription billing with Billsby: the most cost-effective, easy-to-use recurring payments software around!