Customer Support: Why We're Obsessed

Confession time: here at Billsby, we’re more than happy to admit two things. One: we’re dedicated to making our billing subscription software the most affordable, easy-to-implement and versatile option on the market. And two: our customer support team are obsessed with providing great service.

It’s a win-win situation. You see, we don’t make money until you do, so our goals are directly aligned with your own. Simply put: we’re here to help you thrive. Here are our five steps to customer support success.

Step one: we’re obsessed with helping you grow – whatever stage you’re at

We’re in your corner – full stop. This means that, whether you’re in your $5,000 free trial or further long the process, our team are available to you in exactly the same way.

Our experts are here to keep you up to date so you don’t have worry about it. Concerned about payment regulation changes? Our industry experts will write to inform you, ahead of time. Business growing super fast? Your personal account manager – who we’ll introduce you to when you’re on track to make $5 million of transactions per year through Billsby – will step up to help and advocate for you.

Step two: we’re obsessed with sharing the knowledge

We’re not only equipped with deep product knowledge, meaning that our experts can help you find the solution to almost any problem; furthermore, our industry experts are on board to keep you ahead of any important updates or regulatory changes.

Moreover, we’ve put together a huge bank of support content that is freely available – and this is here for everyone. We don’t hide it behind a special login. Visit our [documentation( pages or blog to see for yourself.

Step three: we’re obsessed with listening

It’s easy to say ‘we care about your feedback and ideas’, but how many companies actually mean it? We do – we genuinely love hearing your suggestions. And we can prove it!

First of all, we store your ideas in feature requests, not black holes. Whenever you ask for something new, the first thing we do is log and categorise your feedback, ready for consideration.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say! That’s why we keep all customers up to date as we do things. Because we take time and care over logging customer requests, we also keep track of who wanted what – meaning that, when your request is delivered, you'll be the first to know.

Step four: we’re obsessed with staying in touch, whatever plan you’re on

With Billsby, there are no ‘second-class citizens’. Our obsessive attention to customer support encompasses every single plan. Here are the ways in which you can get in touch:

  • Start a live conversation. Our team will be in touch as soon as they can to get things solved.

  • Hop on a call and share your screen. It’s easy to book an appointment with one of our specialist support team members - we can even see your screen, which will help us solve the problem more quickly.

  • **Join the community. ** Whether you’re a Billsby newbie or a long-time expert, our online community is a great knowledge hub: you’ll find answers to many popular questions (and you can share your knowledge with others, too).

  • **Chat with Billsbot. ** You can always trigger a chat session with our friendly bot from within your account. Billsbot is trained in hundreds of the most common questions we hear from our customers, and can direct you to walkthroughs, resources and video tutorials too. Alternatively, if he can’t help, he’ll pass you onto the human team.

Step five: we’re obsessed with spending time where it matters most (not trying to sell!)

One of our key pledges to the Billsby community is this: we’ll always work hard on what matters most (whether that’s fixing major bugs with urgency or exposing new API endpoints).

This extends to finding the perfect solution for you… even if it’s not Billsby (no, you didn’t misread; that’s really true!). If we're not a fit, our support team are allowed to recommend alternatives - even if it means we lose out on a sale.

Ready to get started?

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