Accounting Just Got Simple: Introducing Our FreeAgent Integration

‘Spending loads of time duplicating and transferring information so that I can do my accounting is just fantastic!’ said no-one, ever. Fortunately, Billsby have got your back: our FreeAgent integration will simplify the whole process for you, automatically syncing relevant info from your Billsby account (such as invoices, credit notes and more!) so that the accounting data you need is right at your fingertips.

All you need to get started is an existing FreeAgent account – then, after a straightforward integration process, you’ll be ready to go. We’ll create a new ‘Billsby Transactions’ bank account in your FreeAgent account. After that, we’ll start syncing data straight away!

Will All My Billsby Data Be Synced to FreeAgent?

Our new integration will allow a great deal of essential information to be transferred automatically - nifty, eh? In a nutshell, we will sync all payments, refunds, credit notes and invoices that take place within Billsby, as well as important customer info (more on that below). However, please note that this is a one-way integration: this means any updates made in FreeAgent will not sync back to your Billsby account.

Syncing data

The data that will pass between your Billsby and FreeAgent accounts includes:

  • Customer contact information. The first time we sync a specific customer transaction (such as an invoice or credit note), we’ll also create a new contact for that customer within FreeAgent (which includes their first and last names; email address; and billing address). This process will allow us to assign any relevant future invoices or credit notes to this contact in your FreeAgent account.

  • Invoices/credit notes. Any invoices/credit notes that are created in Billsby will also be created for the corresponding customer account in FreeAgent. However - though the information is usefully duplicated for you across both platforms - to ensure your customer doesn’t receive duplicate notifications, we will turn off the email notification function in FreeAgent.

  • Payments, refunds and written-off invoices. All payments and refunds will sync across from Billsby to FreeAgent. These will appear within the ‘Billsby Transactions’ account that we mentioned earlier, and will be marked appropriately (‘Paid’ or ‘Refunded’, for example). Should an invoice be written-off in Billsby (or a written-off invoice be paid/recovered in Billsby), the status will also be updated accordingly in FreeAgent. We’ll even include the date so that this transaction is easy to document in future.

  • Taxes. Here’s the good news: tax information will sync from Billsby to FreeAgent. There’s one small caveat, though: you must make sure to include your tax registration information in FreeAgent before integration, or your invoices and credit notes may sync incorrectly, and payments may not be applied properly. It’s crucial to ensure that your tax configuration matches so that tax rates can be applied correctly.

Will My Synced Data Be Secure With FreeAgent?

Yes! FreeAgent is one of the most secure platforms in the world: they own their own hardware and host their dedicated services with acclaimed hosting provider The Bunker. Furthermore, all information that passes between FreeAgent’s servers and your own computer is encrypted utilizing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – the same technology used by banks to protect data.

Should you wish to analyse the data stored by FreeAgent, you can export this at any time (as an Excel Spreadsheet).

If you have any further queries, please visit FreeAgent’s website to learn more about their data and security protocols.


Ready to get going? Excited? We are! This is just the first of many new enhancements and upgrades that we’re looking forward to bringing to Billsby’s customers over the next year. It’s our goal to make your life easier, and less time spent on accounting admin is central to that ethos – so set up your FreeAgent integration today and enjoy a simpler, smoother accounting process!

For a more extensive overview of this exciting new integration, please check out our FreeAgent Integration Guide; here you’ll find a step-by-step guide to the integration process, further details of any limitations, FAQs, and more! Or, if you’d like to speak with us directly, don’t hesitate to get in touch.