A Quick Guide to the Billsby Checkout

You’ve probably heard us talking about the Billsby Checkout. Truth is, we’re pretty proud of it! It’s simple and flexible, and allows you to start creating subscriptions really quickly. Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Just two lines of code can make a big difference…

No, that isn’t a typo! The Billsby Checkout really can be implemented on your website with as little as two lines of code. You can then use our advanced features to personalise the experience and make it more sophisticated. Alternatively, our card tokenizer option gives you total control.

What do I get as standard?

The Billsby Checkout is chock-full of features, right ‘out of the box’. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Global tax calculations.

  • Currency support.

  • Address validation.

  • Future-proofing options (for new payment methods, plans, and regulations).

  • Unlimited custom fields (for data collection).

In addition, the Billsby checkout is fully PCI-DSS compliant, and it’s embedded so the customer doesn’t ever leave your website.

But that’s not all! Our card tokenizer lets you build your own checkout, and our API allows you to create bespoke elements – from checkout to on-boarding experiences – to ensure the checkout reflects your brand every step of the way.

Not sure which one is right for you? No problem. Start with the Billsby Checkout and then switch to the card tokenizer once you’re ready to start building and complexifying the customer experience.

What will my customers see?

The checkout flow is entirely flexible – and not just from a branding perspective. You can also customise the functionality of your checkout, deciding what you wish to be available to your customers and what you’d like them to see.

Here are some examples of the elements you can tweak to make the process perfect for your brand:

Terminology. Our standard phrases are ‘product’ ‘plan’ and ‘unit’; these are the basic terms we use to describe products and services, and to help you create rules around pricing and payment. If these don’t adequately reflect your setup or offering, though, there’s no need to worry: you can customise according to your brand. If you’re offering a wine subscription service, for example, you might use the terms ‘membership’ ‘batch’ and ‘bottles’. You can also leave the ‘unit’ equivalent section blank – if you do, we won’t use it.

Shopping cart. You may wish for your customers to be able to review their order during the checkout flow; if so, you can select the appropriate option to allow your customers to see a summary of their shopping cart at various intervals. This element can be amended at any time.

Terms of service. We’d highly recommend that you give your customers the option to agree to your terms of use and privacy during the checkout flow. This covers the bases: it means that, should a customer make a complaint or raise a dispute, you’re able to verify that they agreed to the terms of service. If you wish to implement this, you’ll need to add the relevant URLs to the checkout so that the customer can visit the appropriate website pages before confirming that they agree.

Redirecting and tracking. Once the checkout is complete, you may wish to direct your customers to a specific page to continue their journey. We make this easy by allowing you to provide a default URL. This URL can then be tweaked according to the individual plans you set up (if you don’t add in specific URLs for each plan, we’ll use the default address you provided). In addition, if you use tracking software, there are options to integrate this with Billsby – allowing you to track both at the start and end of the checkout process.

Tempted? Don’t delay: sign up for a free trial and start your Billsby journey now. We’re not only the easiest billing subscription platform to use, but also the most competitively priced on the market. You make your first $5,000 of revenue on us – no extra charges! – and after that we charge a transaction fee of just 0.4%. Give us a try today and harness the power of recurring revenue for yourself!