It's Official... Billsby is the Best Value Recurring Payments Software

At Billsby, we’re proud of lots of things. We like our product. We think it’s pretty excellent. But, best of all, it’s competitively priced. With a 0.4% transaction fee – the lowest on the market – and no limit to the features (we don’t lock essential elements behind expensive plans), Billsby is the best value recurring payments software out there.

Keep reading to find out what you get for your money with Billsby (short answer: quite a lot...).

The lowest transaction rate around – and no monthly fees.

Our mission is to accelerate the subscription economy and be a partner to businesses of all shapes and sizes. As Billsby's Head of Product and Business Development, Mark Howson, explained: ‘We’re here to help small enterprises grow – not put more hurdles in their way. That’s why we offer all the tools a subscription business would need without asking them to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of using it; and that’s why we’ve decided to slash our transaction rate even further.’

That’s right: our transaction fee is now set at 0.4% - no matter how much business you bring in. And there’s no catch; this isn’t a promotional offer. It’s a long-time plan to provide better value.

Furthermore, if you sign up to a free trial, you’ll make your first $5,000 on us.

Billsby offers the best value

We’re not only the most competitively-priced billing subscription platform – we’re also the highest-rated, meaning that if you’re looking for all-round value, Billsby is the choice for you.

Here’s how we stack up to our competitors on price:

Billsby price comparison.PNG

And here’s how we measure up in terms of service, according to independently-collected review data from G2:

Billsby service comparison.PNG

Introducing… the Billsby Complete Plan

By now you’re probably thinking ‘What’s the catch? If Billsby don’t charge a monthly fee and only charge 0.4% per transaction, are their hidden fees or services that I’ll have to pay extra for?’. No. Quite simply, there is no catch. Our Billsby Complete package includes all the features you need to accelerate your business plans.

We want you to be able to grow your subscription business without limits. So once you sign up to Billsby, you’ll get unlimited products, plans, cycles, subscriptions, customers, teammates, payment gateways, countries, currencies and tax profiles.

With Billsby, you can…

  • Create products, plans and cycles. Our unique plan hierarchy allows you to stay in control, with free trials, contract terms, feature tags, allowances and counters, and more.

  • Customise according to brand identity. It might be Billsby software, but it should feel like you. With Billsby, you can add branding to invoices, emails, checkout and account management; include adverts at various points (such as within an email); integrate support channels, and utilise custom email addresses.

  • Access advanced billing tools.You’ll be able to take advantage of unlimited payment gateways, the unique Billsby checkout (which can be implemented by adding just two lines of code to your website), the Billsby Vault, and more. We’ll even take care of global compliance for you – allowing you to trade anywhere in the world with confidence and ease.

  • Track performance and payments with ease. Our sophisticated reporting tools – including the Billsby Dashboard, Billsby Briefing, and more - mean that it couldn’t be simpler to stay on top of things and make tweaks. Even dealing with unpaid invoices is a breeze!

In addition, we have a host of retention tools and powerful integrations: everything from API and web hooks to accounting features. All are available with no monthly fees.

And here’s what we don’t do…

We believe the sky’s the limit – we do everything we can to avoid imposing restrictions on our customers’ ambitions. That said, there are a few things we don’t do:

  • Time-limited free trials. You can keep your sandbox account forever – that’s how much we believe in our product. And the first $5,000 you make is on us.

  • Fees that mount up as your business grows. We only want to make money when you make money. That’s why we don’t charge any monthly fees: just a fixed rate of 0.4% per transaction. This transaction fee is low enough to be accessible for all businesses, at whatever stage, but high enough that we don’t need to introduce expensive premium plans for essential features.

  • Pushy sales calls. It’s good to talk… but only when it’s convenient for you! As such, you can sign up for a free trial without ever speaking to a member of the team. We might check in just to see how you’re getting on with our platform, but we’ll never make speaking with us a condition of getting started with Billsby.

Experience all this and more, only with Billsby: the best value platform for subscription billing businesses. Start your free trial today.